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Product features:

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN AND TECHNICAL INVENTION】- The first 2-in-1 separated dual probe structure, which can meet the needs of almost all water leakage and water level detection scenarios. It can detect two scenes at the same time, the left and right probes can be quickly distinguished by different sounds, and the left and right alarms can also be quickly distinguished by APP alerts.
RECEIVE ALERTS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT HOME】- Our smart devices can be connected to cell phones and iPad via WiFi (2.4G ONLY). After successful connection, when our detector detects a water leak or alarm, as long as the cell phone network is normal, no matter where you are, you can receive a push alert from the app(FREE). SMS/phone call is a paid service, you choose whether to open it or not?
100 DB LOUD ALARM SOUND】 - When there is no network, if the detector detects a dangerous situation, it will also send out a 100 dB sound to alert at the first time. If it is not handled, it will sound the alarm again every 10 minutes. In addition, the sound can adjustable: HIGH - MEDIUM- LOW - MUTE, Quickly double-click the button to adjust. 【NOTE: In MUTE mode, If the WiFi is normal, the APP will receive push notifications as usual】
BATTERY POWERED & EASY INSTALLATION & WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION SCENES】- Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included), quick installation, unlimited use scenes: sink, laundry room, pump room, boiler room, water tank, water tower, etc. (If installed outdoors, please do waterproof measures for the alarm host). While the sensor is low battery, the indicator may flash and beep once per minute, indicating that it needs to replace the battery soon.  
FROM SIMPLE TO SUPER-SMART】- After setting up your notification preferences, keep it simple and let the smart system do the rest and monitor your home and property for you. Or, utilize available advanced automation features, to interact with other our's smart devices. Limited only by your imagination! IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY PROBLEMS, PLEASE CONTACT US IN TIME, SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

Our WiFi water detector with 100 dB speaker can be used to detect liquid level : High / Low (such as water overflow or lack of water), and also be used to detect water leakage.

The most special thing is that it can detect two different states at the same time, and you can distinguish which probe triggered the alarm by sound or by pushing an alert from the app!
Product Introduction:
Wireless WiFi water sensor alarm, after connecting to WiFi and “SmartLife App” or “Tuya smart APP”(Download in the mobile APP marketplace), real-time remote monitoring can be realized no matter where you are.
Even if the WiFi is interrupted, when the detector is triggered, the detector will send out a 100 dB alarm in time, so that you and your family will not miss any warning.
Volume adjustment, when a leak is detected in the silent state, the APP will also push an alert notification. Quickly double-click the button on the detector to adjust the volume
Low battery reminder function: When the battery is too low, the device will beep every one minute.
Quick installation: the sensor is powered by 2 AAA batteries(Included), easy to replace.
The standard configuration of our detection line is 2 m, which can be extended, and the detection line connector is a national standard 3.5 mm headphone connector.

What's in the WiFi water Level / Leakage sensor alarm?
1 x Smart Water Detector (Dual interface)
1 x 2 m Water Leak/ Drip Detector Line
1 x 2 m Float Water Level detector Line
1 x Double-sided Tape for Detector
2 x AAA Battery for Detector
2 x Bolts / Screws 
1 x English/German Bilingual Manual

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