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    Water Alarm

    Wifi Smart Home Kit : High/Low Water Level / Leak Sensor Alarm 2-Pack & Hub Kit

    Product Parameter
    • TypeSmart
    • Name     Wi-Fi Water Sensor Alarm
    • Size 90mm*55mm*28mm
    • Connection Method    Wi-Fi

    3 in 1 Smart Home Water Sensor Set

    Brand-new practical technical, this kit comes with a Hub, 2 wireless water detectors, one 2-in-1 high water level/leak detection line, and a float water level detection line.


    Real-Time Alerts & Remote Push Notifications Via Tuya App

    Connect the gateway to WiFi, and it will instantly send App notifications & alerts to your phone when When there is a water leak or the water level exceeds or falls below the set even you're not at home. Water sensors and gateway are paired right out of the box. Note: Doesn't support 5G WiFi. When the alarm is triggered, both the hub and the water detector will emit a 100 dB sound. If you don't need sound, you can mute them.

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