Recruitment Information

Content Editing

Job Description:

1. Account management and construction: Cooperate with other colleagues to manage and build a new media account matrix for sales, including platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and TikTok.
2. Chasing industry hotspots: independent output is interesting hotspots with temperature and brand tone, which can be stories, jokes or other forms of expression;
3. Brand promotion: Independently output brand-related content, not limited to brand advantages, product selling points, promotional activities, and live lesson related copywriting, linking the company's internal resources and external new media marketing channels to increase product conversion rate and brand goodwill;

Work requirements:
1. Have good writing skills, rich writing experience, have a personal account in various new media or output 100,000 points for reading articles;
2. Love writing, enthusiastically delve into the minds of users, study classic cases, constantly break through themselves, dare to try and explore, and create explosive content;
3. Familiar with user types and writing styles of various media.

Job description:
.responsible for tackling key technical problems and system optimization, and assisting in solving technical problems in the development process;
.responsible for the design and development of the core framework;
.Continuously optimize system performance and improve system stability;
4. Help other engineers to get better growth.
Job requirements:
.bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years development experience;
.a solid Java foundation, in-depth understanding of mainstream open source frameworks such as Spring and MyBatis, and in-depth application and research of cache technology Redis and Memcached;
.familiar with database concepts and technologies, understand technical principles;
.familiar with common design patterns and ideas;
.Familiar with Linux and have certain O & M capabilities;
.integrity, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, strong communication and understanding ability, expression ability, willing to share their own experience accumulation;
.have strong curiosity about new industry changes, tools and technologies;
.Experience in developing large Internet companies and highly concurrent systems is preferred, and Mysql performance optimization is preferred.

Java technical experts